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From Prisoner To President

Posted by admin | Posted in From prisoner to president, Uncategorized | Posted on 06-12-2013

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From Prisoner To President – A Tribute


Today, I am going to digress from what I might normally write about on this blog to paying tribute to a man that literally went from prisoner to president, Nelson Mandela.

Sadly, Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday evening November 5th in Johannesburg leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten and will live forever in the minds of people who look to others for inspiration, hope, compassion, and optimism, in the face of adversity, poverty, and discrimination.  Despite being discriminated against, and imprisoned for 27 years in Robin Island prison off the coast of Capetown, his capacity for forgiveness, love, and equality for all people was unwavering.

On his journey from prisoner to president, Nelson Mandela has changed the face of South Africa and has put the country on the right path to being a better nation in terms of democracy and equality. South Africa and indeed the world has lost a man that has taught so much by example. His patient, good humored demeanor won the hearts of people of all walk of life. His message of peace and non violence and achievement through dialogue, is a shining example to leaders all over the world and indeed to every on of us.

The Struggle.


On his journey from prisoner to president, Nelson Mandela fought against white domination and black domination. His mission was to have equal rights for all people living in South Africa regardless of their skin color through peaceful means. However the governments method of dealing with Nelson Mandela was through violence and savage attacks on civilians. Nelson Mandela used sabotage to fight back and was elusive to the authorities until in 1963 he was captured, arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment .

During his time in prison he remained dedicated to his ideals for a fairer, apartheid free South Africa. He remained optimistic and held the mantle of faith and hope. He never allowed of thoughts of  vengeance, bitterness and anger consume him because such was his determination to achieve his mission and never give up on it. He once said that if he let negativity, anger and bitterness consume him , he would have died in prison. He would never have risen from prisoner to president.

The Triumph


Finally, in 1990 South African president F.W. De Clerk ordered the release of Nelson Mandela. When released Nelson Mandela negotiated with F.W. De Clerk for a peaceful end to racism, degradation and the apartheid regime by a minority government. Subsequently Nelson Mandela and F.W De Clerk won the Nobel prize in 1993.

On May 10th 1994 Nelson Mandela finally completed his journey from prisoner to president. He was elected president and continued his mission of reconciliation, peace and easing the plight of the poor in South Africa.

Nelson Mandelas legacy is one of compassion, putting the needs of his  people before himself and was even prepared to die so that his mission was accomplished. Anger, resentment, hatred, or violence had no place in his heart despite the degradation, hostility, and discrimination he endured during his life. As a result of his peaceful triumph of rising from prisoner to president, Nelson Mandela is loved and respected all over the world. Nelson Mandela gained the respect of world leaders and religious leaders alike and now that he has passed on, the world will only now fully realize the loss of this humble but great man. His example should be a guidance to the way we all should conduct our minds . If that were to happen, this world of ours would be much better place.

I will conclude by mentioning a quote from the film “Shaw-shank Redemption” which is an appropriate reference  to this great man  – Nelson Mandela.

“Some birds were never meant to be caged. Their feathers shine too brightly.”


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